'The New Horizon' *

The Horizon new
Will call You,
Into Thy heart,
Then you will see
With newest energy
The horizon new,

Forget all those pangs
Which brought failing hurts
For they are gone now
Stand Thou erect
With the sky on your head,

If the past comes back to you,
Wake up with that, wake up with the new,
All those prayers, if they were not sung,
Sing now with them, O You, the deprived,

Forget all divides, all those walls
That had so far kept us from us apart,
One by one, touch on the souls, true,
Then the more you find You,

That Door which had not been opened
Wrapped and bound by baseless chains,
Put thy feet on that Door, O Thou the Fearless,
Only to find potence of Love and the lighted Dress.

(*Note: This poem is a transliteration done by me of a poem untitled, written in Bengali, by Sagar Sen, a friend mine)


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