Loving Thou,

Loving Thou, keeps me awake,
Every millisecond, (if i, so, for You, only, thus, spake,)
I look at those flowers, blooming, trembling,
A photographic mind, such a scape,

I see that butterfly yellow winged,
Gathering pollens , only to spread them
In the morning's breeze, mild, for Thy Love,
I see, Peace, such a bliss, pantheistic,
I see, a World, blooming too,
In us, me and you,

Is it just a dream, i ask You,
You, knowing me, my childish views,
Of thinking all in One Boat,
Of singing for You, love, with easy throat,

And You, say, running your fingers
Through my hair, caressing me,
'You can only find me,'

Then i look at you,
Love, your face, your flowing hair,
Your beauty, which oft takes me to sing
Holding thy simple music, as emanating forever,
From that ancient tuneful air,

And i think to myself,
If that you wish, love, for me to delve,
I will, do that, as oft, as i can do,
Only, only, Loving You.


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