At thy valley, just by the hills,*

At thy valley, green, grassy, just near those hills,
Where oft we go, to find us, more,
Amidst the serene bless of our Mother, Nature,
Away from the din and bustle,
There, whence we arrive, traveling,
Without thinking where we are going,
Only thinking of finding in US,
Peace, karmatic, shiny, Luminous,

I sit, on the the valley, covered the cool,
The breeze of spring, filled with cherry blossoms' parfum,
Filling me, as we look at drops of dew
On leaves of your leaves, mine too,

Then, like a painting perfect,
(Mother Earth, as for us, taking us to a State
Of mind, soul, joined, rolled, wrapped,
Into One, the lovely waves of Love,
beyond any meaningless small timelapse,)
How I try to feel each and every moment subtle,
Your roses, hills, meadows, cherry trees, lakes and myrtle,

Then, I go wandering more for you,
Only to get swayed by thy love, painted, like a deity, of Peace , Hope and tranquil long overdue.

(*Note: upon a painting , loosely based, by Joseph E. Krachkovski)


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