if me a boat and Thou waters, a tide,

Love, sweet rains of my eyes,
Whence Thou make a decide
To come to me,
In my eyes so blind
Merged in Your waters, a Holi tide,
Tell me, how can i
See You, amidst these tears,
Of joie , turning me,
Your love which every thing forbears,

Tell me, how can i love you more,
Taken for a ride, by Thou to the unknown shores,

Canst You see, Heart,
How with Thou, i all ways part,
Only to meet You,
Feeling on drenched skin,
Your left a way cues,
So subtle, delicate,
So soothing, Your Gait,

Meandering streams like,


with me boat

For ever,

through waves Thine



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