Once taking The Path

Once taken Path
Shown by Thou
Love sweet
Your fog, your mist,
Your ancient trees
Algae all over
Your tranquil los
A myth
Once taken
Mon amour
How can i Thou

Now see, Canst you heart
How I walk
Walk Alone
Not being lonely ever?

Canst you see
How I walk
Walk solitary
Walking to our morrows
Like joie de vivre

Bursting in me
And you too,

Tears of our consumed hearts
Getting seeped
Into our souls,

Once taken the Path
Shown by Thou
Canst you see
Laila mine,

How red my blood
Has be come

How the trees
Are spreading cool
Your fragrance
On leaves
Blessed by thee
So O rangy
Like we meeting us
In sleeps of our nascent dreams
Our Eternity?


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