Ode to a Deer

Finding you,
With the morn
On you, soft
On your skin
Hidden in the wild
As you look at me,
Is an act of joy, naturally,

I thought I would do
Whatever it will take me to You,
Helping me to find you
More in the wilderness hidden

With no words, but with songs
I thought i will for You
Only you morns bring,
I will

To make a Beauty
Of each passing moment,
Of each passing day,

Knowing that will only
Keep everything
In equilibrium,

Like our words
Our songs,
Our dances,
Our rhymes,
Our wind chimes,

And you will
Just sleep and run
Free from any fear,
Through Your beautiful


You will be then,
Only chased by hunters,
But totally in Vain,

For i by blesses Thine
Will run with you,
Come rain,
Come the shine.


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