Loving You ,Amigo mio,

Your redness love
Is oft a tangy feel
On my tongue
Whence i think
The way you make
Pickles for me,
Hot sweet lemony,

Pickled i then become
In your redness
In your love i find appetite
To write more,
To make gardens on terrace
To provide those saplings
Water and shade,

For in You i live,
In your tangy lemony red
Amigo mio, in your sweet hugs
And loose embrace,

Your love, is so entangled a thing
That i feel myself fully free
Only bound to Thee,

You might think what kind of garden
Do I have, flowers and kitchen too(?)
I would say, why not , so
Gardens can be many ,
On terrace, made with the help
Of tubs and pots, and in front of
Our house too,
Much like at our backyard,

Greenness if we find,
Love, in you and in me,
Loving us perpetually
Then, who cares, where we grow trees
And little saplings, on terrace
On in you and me,
Making us devotees
Of writes, poesy and creativities.


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