Ode to The Virgin*

If Thou Art the Beauty of Mother
Gathering love in my heart,
Levitation as I become ,
With the  Spring Summer Sun
Upon me, falling from sky Thine,
Clear, oceanic blue,

If Thou Art the Beauty of Mother,
Gathering love in my Soul of a feather,

Bestow upon me, Mother, that Spring
That Innocence which can only a child can ask,
From Thou, the Mother Supreme,
On such wonderous Sun day Morning,
Which perhaps Peter Paul Rubens sought
Through his immortal painting, a fresco,
Spread across the ceiling of a Church,
"The Assumption of The Virgin"
Not derived really from any scriptural Source,
But what the Babe , The Holy Child caused
To come onto the Virgin's Soul,
That Soul filled with Love and Benediction,
The Mother having The Levitation,
Out of The Tomb, in company ,
Of Angels like Her Friends,

If Thou Art the Beauty of The Mother,
Prithee, cause in me that levitation,
In my mortal little heart, in my Soul,
Given to Thou, love, through my passion
To write and create songs of Love
In thy name, so given, so given to Thee,

If Thou Art that love of my heart,
Out of the chaos, give me that spurt
Of love, so that can i, write more
Of Thy kindness, thy vast, thy glory,

So that i, can write more love songs and stories.

(*Note : the painting attached , upon which this poem is loosely based, had been done by Peter Paul Rubens, depicting "Assumption of The Virgin", probably in 1630s.)


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