When those rain bearing clouds hover

When those rain bearing clouds hover
All over the sky and drizzle soft drench me
From head to toe, how oft I think of you,
Your hair black I found in those clouds
They carry scent of earth moist and your
Perfume too come flowing in the cool breeze,

Your eyes I see in my mind, curious and gay,
They take to you, love and I feel your words
Drawing pictures melodious in sing song fashion,

The city seems so beautiful then,
Every part of me go about finding Beauty Thine
In simmering images coming and then going away
Being so Borne by the rain drenched air,

When the rain bearing clouds hover over head
How oft I think of you, monsoon
Your incomparable presence how
Makes me sit quiet and to ruminate,

How oft I see you then in my mind
Ages have must gone down
Days must have gone traveling to unknown shores,
Still those dark rain bearing clouds
How bring me closer to you.


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