Way to vineyards at Flassan*

Way to the vineyards at Flassan
Might be so tempting
That one could go there simply
To gather the aroma of grapes
And berries,
There might be the hot and warm sun
To us guiding, paving a way to that beautiful visit,
A sojourn it might be for those who
After being long confined wish to break free
From shackles of daily drudgery of a city life,
There we could go always to find how nature
Has spread her splendour for all of us,

That way to Flassan would be filled with smell of Autumn ,
Leaves when cover the grapes ripe,
And berries when to sappy life fully gets blessed,

That way to Flassan would be such a wonderous escape
To the Boundless bounty of treasure,
We would go there without really making a measure
Of how far had we walked, how many miles we had traveled,
Only the hot and warm sun above our heads
Would show us with awesome pride
What treasure really lies hidden in that
Unbelievably beautiful countryside.

(*Note: upon a painting loosely based as attached, titled "Vineyards at Flassan".)


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