If we are to climb the hill*

If we are to climb the hill
We need to be in love
And upon our skin we need to feel
How with light of Love blooms the flower
How with Beauty sings the day,
If we are to follow our hopes
All we need is to pray,
And to see that there are spaces
Beyond what we merely say,

If we are to find Love
We need to go on traveling so
Where the hills stand for ages
Where they love only for us show,

Is it not a Beauty
To go beyond what we sometimes not see
Is it not a Beauty
To take us there where Peace holds the key,

Only by going away
From chaos we can make
Us forever singing
Only by falling in love
We can us to the Paradise take.

(*Note: loosely based and inspired by the last scene of the much acclaimed flick "Sound of music". The photograph attached is clicked by me.)


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