Lavender fields *

'I met an artist
Now my days are painted in lavender
Every hour a different hue'
~ Christy Ann Martine

Once having gone
To the lavender field one
I saw how painted scenes evoke
Love with every brush stroke,

And there we made us a promise
Me and the artist
Not to go anywhere but stay
In lavender field of May,
When the flowers turn a sea of green
Into a violet and purple scene,
There we have made a decision
To remain there as if stationed
And to see the purple violet hues
Taking away all of our blues

Once having entered the fields
Of lavender as I try to get the feel
Of morning and its splendour different
More in colors I got drenched,
Now I think I had done it good
To go to the field of lavender as it stood
Before me with its wide implication
I think I have moved to a different station
Where violets and purple come and play
Different hues for every moment of a day.

(*Note: loosely based on a painting as attached and also inspired by a Christy Ann Martine poem titled "The Dancer", as quoted in this poem/scribbling )


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