Back from walk*

Back from walk*

Whence we would return from our walk
To the days of our finding poems
And flowers blooming red
In our hearts, and also on canvas,

How we go riding by,
Galaxies, Nebulas and a million stars,
With the beautiful evening coming down
Upon us, our town,
How we go on riding by
From our walks to the poems wrought
In moments so engraved
In our veins, upon our skins,
How we do the return to painted screens,

How we back from walk
Go riding by
Finding us tied
To our eternity,
As do art of Poesy do
With paintings so mixed,
Of finding passion in us,
In me, in You.

(*Note: loosely based on a painting as attached, done by Georgio G.Kola. titled "Ritorno dalla passeggiata" meaning 'back from walk')


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