There had been that lady

There had been that lady
My love who in her bosom kept
The more I looked at her
The more I just got swept,

And leaves how by that
breeze murmured,
In me , how they whispered songs,
Just by looking at her,
I as if to a new morn, borne,

There had been that lady
My love who kept it quite,
The more I thought of her
The more I felt how light
Traveled through ages and beyond
How those starlets in the night sky shone
That lady in red how made me,
All the more alone,

And I in my solitary walks through days
How more of Poetry i do find ,
How by her love so laid
I find Springs in my mind,

How I think of things ,
all so imagined worthless,
How in her beauty I ,
century old civilizations trace,

How by painted forms, poems
and so many other things
That lady in red,
to a World of creation,
oft me brings,

And I go on doing the search,
of finding that wonderous shade,
Which gave birth to love
and that heavenly Gate,
Where many before us,
tried to reach and few reached,
Where many before us,
for Love, us so preached,

And there had been that lady
My love who in her bosom kept,
All that was me, like a beautiful secret.


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