To Viola*

To Viola*

Seen You, Viola,
In deep distress,
Losing a brother,
How you had
Vowed to find
Seen you as
A page, going to please
An obstinate duchess
And how you have been
Tricked by fate,

Still you kept on doing
Your works,
Not written perhaps
In annals great of history,

You how often had been termed
The object of an intrigue,
And when you found your way
How you made all make out
What it took to create that mighty heart
Which braved all storms and thunders
How you have risen,
Again and again
To claim thy worth,

And how oft
You are called
Viola legge,

How oft your truest self
Had been not understood
By those who never took
Your place upon earth,
By those who never felt
What it takes to be
A Viola.

(*Note: upon a painting loosely based as attached, titled "Viola legge", done by the great artist and Painter,Georgio G.Kola.
#Viola : a prime character of a Shakespeare Play)


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