The triumph of Venus*

The triumph of Venus*

Whence Venus doth descend true
Turning mortals into happy selves
By Her lovely merry making Hues,
How the woods became a sacred place
For human living , to, by songs and dance trace,
The cause primary for living
Upon the earth , only singing,

How thence Eros peeped,
Not so far away , but so hid
She how looked at people with
Dismay and utter disbelief,
How come they so dance and sing
With so much Innocence, what could Venus to mortals bring,
Which she never can?
How to find the secret of such a magical land?
Why they are so filled with mirth?
What really Venus doth create, which birth?

All these how became mere thoughts,
Painted forms of Venus's triumph
Whence into this mortal World brought.

(*Note: upon a painting loosely based as attached, done by Elsie Russell)


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