After a spell of rain*

After a spell of rain*

After a spell of rain
Whence I go walking down
The street of the town
How I feel the cool of the breeze
Carrying love, as if a tease,
Slowing enveloping me,
My senses thence I give in
To the post rain session, a feeling,
Of Love , which can't be proper
Expressed ever in words,

For then, I walk just thinking of you,
My all time lover, whom I find in every nook and corner, of the town,
As I have a walk down , through my memory lane too,
Thinking only so much of You,

Your smiles, your laughs,
Your soft and supple arms
In mine entwined, as we did walk
In the past, we walked like that just,

Into the rains, its thunder and lightning,
Into its cloudy darkness, its awesome magic,

How after a short spell of rain
Whence I take a walk down
On a street of my town,
I take you with you,
Too, in my walks down the land
Of my memory never to be faded away.

(*Note: upon a painting loosely based as attached, done by Leonid Afremov, courtesy : Musica Pittura e Dintorni, Alex Artista)


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