Through the forest, down that bridge*

Just near where I lived when I was a boy
There had been a forest nearby
Just behind the cottage , the forest spread
To deeper serene meanings it led,
One morn that beautiful path I took
Down that small wooden bridge over a Brook,
The murmur soft of the stream underneath
And the rustle of leaves yellow and green did breathe
Together perhaps a poem for the day,
Far from the cottage, really far away,
Took that bridge where it took,
saw how therein  tranquility set
In colors ripened by the noon day blaze
A sleepy trance the path there bred,
Grasshoppers and butterflies and bees
There hummed and made noises without cease,
And the woodpeckers found one or two
Playing with me peekaboo,
There was also a squirrel real restless
Who ran from branches to branches,
A rabbit white with its soft furry skin
There also could be for an instant seen,

That path through the woods down that bridge
Just behind that cottage where I lived
Led to a different world altogether,
Where one morning went out for a breather,

The forest how thoughts of Poesy brought
As I walked down that Wooden bridge and thought
What was it that nature for us always wrote
What made always the birds to sing full throat,
What Beauty does the earth for us unfold
Which Truth does nature leave for us untold,

So thinking more I walked into the woods,
Just behind our cottage where it so wonderous stood,
That Wooden bridge how me one morn took
Underneath which flowed murmuring the Brook.

(*Note: upon a painting loosely based as attached; Courtesy : Musica Pittura e Dintorni, Alex Artista)


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