Found *

It was early morn,
The drover was just
going out of town,

In his cart he had the calf,
The drover had made his way out,

Just then her he saw,

'I think I know you, maid,'
He had her said,
Jumping off from his cart,

The girl looked at him for awhile,
Soon her face got pale,
She turned her head against the wall,
While the drover her requested
To get up and not to be,
So filled with pity,

But the girl turned her head,
And muttered,
Something choking her voice,
'I remember Thee,
The Kindness of Thy youth,
But Thy pity,
I can never that take'

The day was just then blooming
The light at the bridge was still there burning,

And the drover holding the girl's hand
Pleaded and implored more,
But the girl had turned her head,
And against the wall she put to rest,
All her shame and grief.

(*Note: based upon a painting as attached done by preraphaelite poet and Painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti titled "Found". )


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