Friday, June 3, 2016

A few lines written on Erato, Art of Poesy and Paintings*

"For the Poet I know you keep a place
in the ranks of the most happy of your Angelic Hosts
and that you invite him to the eternal feast
of Virtues, Dominions, and Thrones."
~Charles Baudelaire,

Whence paintings and poems 
Come together, as if by thy bless,
You the Goddess of Art, 
Erato, if you be, my love,
If you create in me
A curious burst of Poesy,
So mellifluous, if You make 
Me a sea of Thy poetic words,
Coming out, spontaneous,

Then, make me your worshipper true,
Who will only sing for You,
For You hath always created that impulse
In mortal men to recreate You Justly just,
As Francesco once in painted form found You
Embracing Poetry,  Thy paintbrush,
Left aside, and how Calliope, as if , 
Leaving behind all masques, came,
To eternalise that beautiful moment
Of Holy embrace, a creation artful by itself,

If Thou be Erato, 
And if Calliope 
Comes to You just,
Make me take another theme,
As I am doing now,
To find you more oft,
In words and painted forms, soft.

(*Note: inspired by the painting as attached, done by Francesco Furini, 1626.

#Erato: GODDESS of Poetry lyrical,)

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