Thursday, June 2, 2016


'It takes only camera to change her mind'

She comes to the studio to strike a pose
Sometimes she blooms like a white rose
Sometimes she stands leaning on the rail
She always inspires art and poems without fail,

The more I look at her different gaits
It seems to me that we are so bound by fate
She smiles, she laughs she makes a wish
She sits, she stands, she blows a kiss,

All because of art and poems she does
She by her beauty mornings erupts,
By the evenings when it becomes more tuneful
She with a song how often croons,
Sitting on a stool she like a singer evokes
Raw as passion she causes in my finger strokes,
Not far away from the studio is her home
There perhaps she has left father lone,
She is perhaps the bread earner for the kids
Whom she feeds everyday , on the streets,
Beyond the glam world she is so common a man,
She is not a fairy from any wonderland,

All she does she does for her sons and kids
She has a family to run on the streets,

If you find her alive and giggling
Its because she loves to dance and sing,
But every day is a struggle for her,
She knows money can't take her far,
Still she needs gold and the silver
For she has been always the most kind,
'It takes only camera to change her mind'.

(*Note: the poem is based on the paintings attached, of women who acted as models. Courtesy: artist : Pino Deani, Musica Pittura e Dintorni, Alex Artista.
#Models: a song by Karftwerk.
The poem is dedicated to all models.)

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