A few feet away as they wandered *

Every day they would go cycling
To the River and the hills
Just a few feet away from where
They stayed ,

There they wandered as two
People trying to make out
What makes it good to savour life,

And he being someone always in his mind
The dream of spices and other little things
To do something for culinary Delight
Would ask her about fruits and vegetables,
Herbs and nuts and seeds,

She, would keep on telling him
What were the four necessary sauces
To master the art of cuisine, French,

How much salt and pepper
Were to be sprinkled
On which dressing,

What could make even the trivial into
Exotic something,

They would just wander
Into the hills and near the stream
They would sit ,
He would try to catch a fish or two
Putting bread into hooks
And she would just giggle
Telling him the ways fish move there,
'Try worms instead of bread'
She would say,

He would look at her face,
Amazed ,
'You know so many things ...'
He would retort,

She would just smile
And give out secrets more
Of the art of cooking
Of that province not known to him,

They would wander thus
Into hills and a River flowing,

They would wander thus
Into talking more of wonderous things.

(*Note: loosely based on a scene from  a flick titled 'The hundred foot journey'. )


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