Like Nyx*

Like Nyx*

If Thou be the mother
Of Hemera, the ethereal muse
Of all Beauty and Grace,
Challenging even Eos,
If Thou be the formidable one,
Who hath once even held Zeus,
At thy mercy,

Come You,
Night Queen,
Whence the night is so sweet
Whence lethe wards I take a dive,
Losing my senses as charmed
By thy Beauty spread in the glittering sky,

Star studded you, love mine,
How for you I
Keep on writing pages after pages,
Pouring whatever comes to my mind,
Turned so fluid by thy love
The all encompassing one,
Filled with prayers for thee,
O my love , my pleasure, my solace ,

Come night,
With not thy mystery,
But with Thy awesome
Charms, which can make
Any night, simply bright,

Come you ,
Upon me,
And make me write a long poem
Fulfilling me, my act of worshipping Thee, love, through words of Poesy
Unraveling You,
Your luscious state,
Your anatomy
Which I know by my fingers
As they played upon
Thy Starry Starry sky ,

Turn me poet true,
Colored by your lovely Hues,
Turn me that author of a night
Whence love drops quiet
Through the nightly air,
Touching smooth
Your black and auburn hair,

Turn me,
O You Nyx,
Your lover as if,
Who knows no other way to please thy Boundless state,
Other than writing
Decorating Thou
Only with alphabets.

(*Note: upon a painting loosely based as attached, on Nyx , the Goddess of Night,
#Hemera : daughter of Nyx)


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