A song for Daphne and Apollo*

What could  Daphne do
Whence She was being chased
None other than Apollo?

O how she held her back
Her emotions , just like a woman,
Whence Apollo to her doth plead
To take him with her, to those forest to lead
A life not usual to the God,

But this Apollo, so obstinate,
How He , perhaps took Daphne
As His only Fate,

Daphne did not want to waste
To put Apollo into such a pursuit
In Vain, whence he had followed suit,
Whatever She thought to do,

Times thus passed by,
Apollo was ready even to lose
His immortality, for eternity,

Daphne could not put Him,
Into such a shame,
After all he was a God,
How could he put into such a game
Of Love which broke open
Apollo's Godly heart,
How could Daphne
Really him, outsmart?

So she after thinking a lot,
A Laurel tree there brought,
For Apollo to worship it,
Till they would ever meet,

Their meeting remained sealed
Forever Apollo be on that pursuit,
To find Daphne in bloom
As the Laurel tree filled his Heart's room,

Daphne, it is said, prayed to Her
Angelic, heavenly Mother,
Who had made a path
For her to go in search
Her Divinity in underground
There Daphne got bound,

For ever, ever till
Apollo would in his soul feel,
How he had turned it a waste
By pursuing Daphne in a haste.

(*Note : the painting attached is used to highlight and decorate the theme of this poem/scribbling, depicting Apollo pursuing Daphne)


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