Starry night over for us *

Starry night over and above us
We then our night , with songs pass,
You singing spinning away of Cale
Will never us from our Love fail,

We will be like that two men
Struck by the song filled vein,
Starry night over and above us
We will just with our talks pass,

I will think of River Rhone
That once so beautifully shone
In painting , a sky so ravenous,
You will with songs of Love the night pass,

The little ripples on water blue
Will fill us with beauteous hue,
And the songs will truly hold
Our tales of love never told,

It will be a night so different
Above us a sky illumined
And water close and very near us
As with songs and talks will we the night pass.

(*Note: loosely based on a famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh, as attached.
This particular painting once made John Cale to write a song.)


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