That land of woods

That land of woods

Ancient, algae ridden

Where huge trees stood
Silent like stones,

Had surely brought dryads home,
Diana too and also Brucie,
And other sisters of theirs, 
At that land of woods,
Where trees like sages stood,
Wish to there escape,
Only me and You,

There we would feel
The rustle of leaves
And that soft murmur
In our ribs ,
How nature writes the Vast,
How she writes the long,
There at that woods,
We would weave a song,

Or it might be a prose,
We might together write,
There amidst green,
We would kiss the morning's bright,

Through those branches and twigs
Whence the afternoon would come,
Under those trees huge,
We would feel in veins some
Beautiful lines flowing,

You will perhaps
Bring out your book ,
There we will dream
What it really took
For the World to grow,
Which primordial force
There hides in tides
High and ebbs so low,

There we will hear
With our heart and ears,
The songs of birds
That filled the earth for years,

There you might write
A few lovely lines,
Or I might do a paint
Of a wild flower's shine,

There , at that woods,
Where huge trees stood,
We might there one day,

All our writings lay.

(Note: #Diana: GODDESS of woods, 

#Brucie: wood Nymph, GODDESS of forests)


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