Gaia and Jimi *

Gaia and Jimi*

 " My mother was bein' carried away on this camel.
And there was a big caravan, she's sayin', 'Well, I'm gonna see you now,' and she's goin' under these trees, you could see the shade,
you know, the leaf patterns across her face when she was goin' under these trees,
She's sayin', 'Well, I won't be seein' you too much anymore, you know. I'll see you.' " 

~Jimi Hendrix,

There how stood the Mother
With her feet upon the ball,
There how She stood, tall,
Bestowing Pan, with the secret
Of Music that could perhaps create,
A calm upon his wildest self,
There how stood she , like an elf,

The three headed dragon, even can't
Dissipate his roars, caught by her, blunt,
And how beside her, like a post modern dream,
Sat Jimi, with his guitar unplugged, stringed,

How with music she could put to rest
The globe at her feet and all pagans blessed,
And Jimi there sitting stark, visible,
Weaving a song perhaps, another urbane Fable,

Like that one perhaps he had so oft sung
Of his mother and of  finding shades, leafy patterns.

(*Note: upon a painting loosely based as attached, done by Elsie Russell, 1992.
Also inspired by a Jimi Hendrix song as quoted .)


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