We had a splendid morn*

We had a splendid morn*

We had a splendid morn
To go out and play
At the garden, near the park,
With the arrival of a day,

We had all the games
To go go out to the lane
That led to the park
Beside that beautiful garden,

There we went about running
From one end to another
At the garden, near the park
When we braced for day another,

The sun was shining gold
The sky was just like a dream,
The breeze had scent of flowers
The grass had a hint of spring,

We danced and laughed out
Watched how our playmates did chase
Little daisies waking up with colors
Heralded how another newest day,

Was not that a day for us
To go there to the Garden,
Beside that street , at our town
Just beside that shaded lane,

Flanked on both sides by Trees
Oaks, deodars and pines,
How we went there to play
Whence the day broke with a shine,

We had a morn splendid
To go out and run as we wished
At that painted colored street
We for us gave a treat,

At that park, beside the lane
How we went one morn
To see how in that garden
New buds woke up, just born,

How there little birds
Gathered and made chirps
How there butterflies
Flew about in colors wrapped.

(*Note : upon a painting loosely based, as attached, Courtesy: Art Georgio G.Kola.)


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