For Molly Malone *

"In Dublin's Fair City, where the girls are so pretty,
'Twas there I first met sweet Molly Malone.
She drove a wheel-barrow 
Through streets broad and narrow,
Crying 'Cockles and mussels, a-live, a-live-o!' "

In Dublin's Fair City, for Molly I got pity,
She wore an apron and looked straight
How beautiful was her Gait,
She talked to me, softly ,
Once I got the seat, by the counter, for fish and chips,
Mugs were there for to be tumbled down,
Molly Malone was the only one of the town,
For whom I would fall for again and again,
Molly was such a beautiful dame,

But then the pub had so many men
All busy talking aloud, all busy gulping down
Molly was the only one of that little town
For whom I wrote a song or two,
She there walked into, right my view,
She had no hanky panky,
She just had that taste for a man lanky,
I sang and coined a few words,
She, when came to me afterwards,
At that Dublin fair city, where girls were alive and so pretty,
Molly was the only one straight,
Wearing an apron she had her gait,
I just fumbled for proper ways
To keep her there by my side, delayed,
But the pub had men many
They all sounded like fallen pennies,
I just looked at her, her lovely shape,
Light falling slipping by her nape,
She had no hassles to be sure,
At the pub she served me with ambrosia pure,

At that Dublin City of a Fair,
met once Molly Malone, O dear,
She just looked at me straight,
What a lovely was her Gait.

(*Note: the painting attached , done by Pino Deani,  is for decoration of this poem/scribbling which is inspired by an Irish song titled "Molly Malone".
Courtesy: Musica Pittura e Dintorni, Alex Artista.)


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