When the season of rains come*

When the season of rains come*

When the season of rains come
To make the earth to green turn
Making the soil fertile and rich,
Giving flowers and new born leaves
To trees each, how I think of you, love,
Who has kept me enchanted forever,
Your black hair, how I deck
With flowers and buds that I gather,
How upon your hand one, comes and sits a bird, after flying a lot hither thither,
How in your arms I see, flowers and birds and bees,
Buttercups, honey combs all flourish
How when rains the monsoon clouds unleash,
How you turn me fertile, the barren soil of my mind, giving it more of your love,
How with you I try to find a cove,
Where we would sit and look at
Each other , in love, never to be slacked,
Whence the clouds bring forth the rains
How I go near the window pane
And through the curtain
Of watery drops, try to find
You, the Queen of my mind.

(*Note: loosely based upon a painting as attached, depicting the Goddess of greenery , agriculture and Fertility, Like Ceres . )


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