O Mona Lisa!*

O Mona Lisa!
How Thou hath been made to linger
In art forms pristine and vulgar,

If Vinci had been alive and seen you thus
What would have come to pass!

You have been made to seat,
For how many hours, for this unusual treat
For eyes to see you, to find you true,

O The Jocund One,
how you have been viewed
By the puritans and plebeians,
In different shapes and forms,

Those paintings made and remade
How completely, You ,had been re-laid,
By people with discerning eyes
Queries made by those who with You tied
Linguistic and cultural values and worth
Questions come out, answers too brought,

What in between those textures lies?
Where those eyebrows had gone?
Which little bridge there found behind, lone?
Why there was no sign of human around?
Why the horizon got mixed with hilly mounds?
Who had been this Lisa and why
Her face did carry a bit of sigh?

O Mona Lisa!
How Thou hath been made to linger
In forms pristine and also vulgar.

(*Note: the painting attached of a replica of Monalisa in traditional kishengarh miniature painting form was done by Gopal Swami Khetanchi.
#monalisa : the famous and most debated, analysed, replicated painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, literally means 'the jocund one' or la Gioconda . It is believed that Lisa Gherardini or Lisa del Giocondo had been Da Vinci's model for the famous and widely known painting.
This poem is just a tribute to that Painting and also its widespread popularity and related effects.)


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