A Summer love song*

Lazing in the heat of bluish waves
Thought of writing a letter to you, love,
But then the day had been bright
And the guitar was unusually quiet,
Strumming them wanted my fingers
And the glass had the warmth of liqueur,
The notepad had half written words,
Some got smudged, by last week's blaze,
And I thought of writing a letter to you, love,
As in the heat of summer I just lazed,

For you I might oneday write a song
A century it might take to unearth
All my feelings which strings of guitar did not ever hold,

For you my feelings might remain like those words,
Unuttered ,

The breeze only talks to me,
I will send them oneday to you,
All those talks which are so far hidden
Between the breeze and me,

I will set them free,

Lazing under a summer day warm
With the guitar apparent and quiet,
Some words on a notepad left smudged
By the blaze, last week,
I am thinking of writing a letter to you,

Not for adulation ,
Not for praise either,

But for that wish which I have so strongly held
Within me,
It might take a century to write the feel,
Which strings of guitar can't hum,

But still, thinking am I
To write a letter to you, love,
Lazing under the summer day's heat.

(*Note: loosely based upon a  painting as  attached. Courtesy : D Rowney.
#summerlovesong : title of the painting as attached .)


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