The angel at the bar*

'Twas late in an evening,
The bar had few like me sitting
(Afterall a Halloween night,
People had gone out fooling
Around with masks, pumpkins were
There cut and with candles they had lit
Streets and lanes and roads too,)
And me thought me got a view
For the first time someone with wings
Sitting her back to me,
(Was I drooling I am not so sure,
Such a night it was, filled with red potion pure and laughter and fun, )

But I saw her there, a woman
With wings at her back,
(They weren't folded as they usually found in flicks, )
She appeared no superheroine kind,
Only in the simmering light,
She was there sitting quite,
As if she had come down within us,
The fallible ones, mere mortals,

(Was I tipsy, not I am sure
Such a night it was, filled with potion pure and laughter and fun)
That wonderous woman
With winged back
Sat still and quiet,
Amidst us, the mere mortals,

I grew curious to talk to her,
So I went near,
She turned
(These angels , have they got some extraterrestrial sense?)

'From where have you come?'
Asked I, not being able to stop
My constant rising surprise,

She perhaps looked at me,
Her blue eyes had oceans deep
And her face shone like moon,

'From Venus'
She whispered or said it loud,
I didn't care a fig for that,


She said,
Straight as she was,

'But of course'
I thought,
'How come here you then?'

'Got weary of flying, so...'
She murmured,

People few , who were there,
Took little notice of her,
I noted,

'You are here then
For mere replenishment'
I wondered loud,

'Yes, and it is funny ain't so?'
She asked,
(Was she quizzing me, I thought, )

'Its kind of very very amusing'
I almost giggled,

She then hinged back to me,
(Her eyes had deep blue sea and her face,
O how it shone!)
As if she was about to reveal
The greatest secret on earth,

'You are nice , but boy,
It's already half past one,
The night might be outside , very young, why spoil that sitting here?'
She asked, polite,

I thought, at that point,
I got sobered,

I looked at her face,
Her wings , they seemed to flap a bit,

'You are amazing!'
I gushed,

'You too,
And so is this night,
And this pub,
And this town,
Go out,
She said,
I heard that distinct,

After that,
I recall it right,

I found myself on the street,
(Was I walking or merely staggering I can't say that yet)

And few minutes after,
I heard the latchkey opened,
I heard footsteps going straight upstairs,
I heard myself falling on the bed,

Outside, people were yelling ,
Halloween was definitely on.

(*Note: loosely based on a painting as attached , done by Rikki R Nelson. The attached painting was done by Rikki R Nelson on a Halloween night, at a pub.)


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