On the girl named Summer and her life and love*

As candle feeds the flame
There she had been, a Dame,
Summer was her name,

She would go down the town on bike
With breeze she do talking alright,
She would sing out holding a mike,

As days would roll out from one to three
She would go working like a busy bee
Making her friend, an architect, in eyes towers see,

One day she would go with him to bed
Another day she would keep him confused,
Another night they would at a garden get laid,

This Summer the girl carefree
Kept doing what pleases she
Wanted to do all her simple life,

Her boyfriend Tom counted one to five
Months just sailed away, smoothly flew by,
Summer kept arriving as warm sun behind clouds lies,

They drove through the city streets,
They  met each other as morning through casements peeps,
They went places strange where they with fashionistas did meet,

Then one day at a pub Tom got
Into a brawl that turned rancid and hot
And Summer being what she guided by thoughts

Told Tom it was seriously out of her way
To find her boyfriend getting so blown away
By things that never pleased her self,

Summer being such a carefree sylph,
She cared for Tom as her love
But she never wanted to see her world break apart,

Then oneday , while having a leisure time
Summer told Tom how men came and away went,
Marcus the quarterback, Charlie the rock song,
Summer told Tom where they in her mind belonged,

Tom got an idea out of Summer's tales,
He made songs which he sang at a pub as coins fell,
He went pursuing his own story riding a train,
There he met Summer after many years, again,

Thus Tom and Summer kept catching each other
At places unexpected with fair or inclement weather,

Summer had remained still the same,
As a candle she just kept feeding the flame.

(*Note: upon a character called Summer of a flick titled "500 days of Summer" based, loosely. The picture attached is that of Summer as portrayed by Zooey Deschanel, in the flick as mentioned.)


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