At an inn, one rainy evening

One rainy evening
Took refuge in an inn,
Drenched from head to toe,
There I took a shelter so,

It had been raining quite
Upon the wet moist street
Played cool simmering light,

And I thought of rainy days
How they came oft, and before me
With sweetness verses laid,

I thought of going to a town
Another once, one rainy evening
Took shelter like that, in another inn,

I thought of lights and sounds
That rainy evening gave me
Time and again , without bounds,

That woman with a musical voice,
With whom once I read Dubliners of Joyce,
Her face somehow before me appeared,

Was I having a dream or did it really so,
Drenched from head to toe,
Once I took refuge in an inn so,

Then thought of that man, at the piano,
Who simply by his fingers did erupt
A fiery poem, deep deep into my heart,
That also had been a rainy evening,
And with him perhaps I broke out singing,

Then thought of that friend with boyish charms
Who told me his story of finding a girl
His love, on way to his journey to a city,
As we sat face to face, over a cup of coffee warm,

All these images came and went
At an inn as I took a refuge so,
Drenched from head to toe,

I thought of people I met,
People with whom I shared,
Songs and poems of life,
As it rained so, outside,
I , sitting by the window
Into memories of evenings dived,

Found there in that mind's eye, too,
My girl, the love of my tiny life,
To whom from different parts of the land
Sent scraps of papers, curious writes and billet doux,

Found her face , on the window ,
Sketched gently by water drops so,
One evening as I took refuge in an inn,
Drenched full from head to toe.


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