To that village tranquil and green *

That village tranquil and green
Where we were born and had been
Always in our blessed state,
Let me you take , for there you will find
How songs pure cleanses our mind
There how nature shows her best form
There why not we again build a Farm,
Where we would live with Peace and blessedness,
There we will surely poems on leaves trace,
How there, with certitude live people candid
Far away from the town, there they grains of Love breed,
There , if you wish, go wandering miles after miles,
There you will surely discover heavenly smiles
In mornings, afternoons and also at dusk,
There, if you wish, be a guest, unasked,
And in Nature's incorruptible wealth will
With utmost happiness forever in glory bask,

In that village tranquil, blessed and green
Always you will find wonderous scenes,
Unraveling before your eyes with splendour
There you will surely open Heart's closed, clogged door,
There, we will witness how rains upon greenery pour,
Love and more of Love there we will find
At the village we will surely live by our mind,
And live free, wild, beautiful and gay,
There we will to that Godhead Natural pray,
To make our life more with love filled
There , we will be only with wonders of Love sealed,
And bear witness to many things so far Unseen
There we will be part of Mother Nature's awesome scene,
Drenched by dews, mist, fog and rains,
There we will feel Beauty of pastoral life in veins,
And we will perhaps lend hands our to peasants,
Making a field of corns golden and dense,
Filled with our sweats of toils and labour,
There we will be perfect Lovers.

(*Note: written on the occasion of World Environment Day Celebration, World Environment Day, June5,2016)


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