A few lines written on Moulin Rouge and the turn of the century*

At the turn of the century
You will perhaps me beckon
To go by your side, as your love, forgotten,
Then we will go together to do a dance,
Perhaps will we go, to Moulin Rouge, simply by chance,

You would then ask me, what propelled that excitement
In me to find you always my deepest sentiment,

I would just flash a Smile,
Asking you to follow me,
To the last post of the mile,

There, Mon amour, we will see
How Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse Lautrec,
Had created the work of a century,
People how there gathered and danced,
How in painted forms Henri made a expanse,
Of art and dance forms getting enriched
Each just helping out , sworn by LOVE, each,
There how people did that famous 'can-can' dance,
How there we would meet again,simply by chance!

Would you , then also look at me
With that same look, filled with satiety?

I wonder how would really that rendezvous be
You and me, meeting at the turn of the century.

(*Note: the painting attached is used to decorate the theme of the poem/scribbling as attached.
The painting had been done by the great French artist, printer and Painter, Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse Lautrec Monfa. Moulin Rouge , as a building will always be remembered as 'fin de siecle' of french dance and music and art.
This poem is to be taken as a humble tribute to that great place of history.)


  1. A journey to Moulin Rouge then watch Mon amour ,watch the architecture and dance forms
    Indeed had gone to the depth of the subject to write this. I had to frankly speaking read a bit to understand it . Read went back to google read came back read again. Good job friend.


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