Thy name is, "She"*

Thy Name, is "She"* 

Thy name is written

On petals of Roses,
Thy name is there
In poems and proses,
Thou hath made Man
To grow and shine,
Thou hath turned
Mortals into Divine,

Thou hath given birth
To me, thy sisters and brothers,
Thou hath been
A poet's writing art, a breather,

Thou hath set so many to flames,
Thou hath made so many names,

Thou hath always been the greatest treasure
Of an artist who wanted to Thou, just measure,

Thy face hath been the source of joy
Thou hath made warriors of Troy,
Thou hath blessed the earth with fertile dreams,
Thou hath Borne so many to search the Unseen,

Thou hath been immortal sign
Of a playwright's nightly creations, all written in lines,

Thou hath been the cult figure of Revolt,
Thou hath caused the rise of thunderbolts,
Thou hath been the object of worship
Thou hath made men to descend the deep,

Thou hath made paintings of flowers
Thou hath created upon earth heavenly Bowers,

Thou hath always been the symbol of Hope
Thou hath risen beyond mere human scope,

Thou hath made countries to see
What a revolution can be caused by 'She'.

(*Note: the painting attached is used just to decorate the theme and idea of the poem, which is dedicated to  women )


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