Ode to Hemera *

If Thou Art the light of the day
That gives light to all and sundry
Then you must be the sister of ether,
Which brings to me, love , and ink to my feather,
As I do find you in every form,
With Nyx how you live in the same dorm,

Once you arrive, as they say,
The love of your light, fills the day,
Flowers and buds being kissed
By you how bloom perfect, as if Bliss
You bring to them and to me,
How I, in Flowing time of the day, find Thee,
Rising up, as if levitating,
How you to the world , bring morning,
And make you all the mortals to sing
Thy praise, thy glory fascinating.

(*Note: the painting attached is that of Hemera, the Goddess of the Day, the sister of Nyx and brother of Aether.
Sometimes, Hemera is confused with Eos.)


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