One day when it rained*

One day when it rained*

Oneday when it rained
You and I walked the lane
You talked of your dreams
Of making a home as it seemed
By the hills, beside the sea,
Where make a home, would we,

And I talked to you like a wish
To your ears whispering, how lovely
It would be, to make a home by the sea,
Where during day the waves would come
To greet us with phosphorus awesome
And at night where would sure
Moon would paint with silver pure
Blissful pictures upon us
Two entwined souls, as we would pass
Our days and nights in perfect glee
Beside those hills, by that wavy sea,

Oneday when it rained
How we lovebirds walked the lane,
You telling me your plans so grand
Of making home in a faraway land
I whispering right into your ears
How we would spend there years,
Singing songs, painting landscapes.
By colors of Love we so draped,
Every moment we creating poems
As if life is just carpe diem,

You talking of so many things,
Of beautiful sights perceived
By you not merely seeing
But imprinted really deep,

I would be joining there
You , my damsel, in our lair,
We both making a world around us
As days and nights we would haply pass,

Oneday when it rained
How you and I walked the lane,
Drenched , moist our skin and souls,
How we filled our hearts' bowls,
You singing a love song merrily
I thinking of a home by the Sea,
Where during day the waves would come
With glittering crowns magically awesome
And where at night the moon will bring
Lovely tunes for us only, with ease to sing.

(*Note: the painting as attached, done by Leonid Afremov, is used to decorate the poem/scribbling)


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