A town , an autumn evening *

The evening mist was slowly coming down
When he dropped from the cab, at a far away town,
He thought he knew the place, its little street,
Where once perhaps he came to meet,
His love, was it this life or another,
He couldn't that from his memory gather,
Only that dying light, the fading sense,
He thought he had been there, that town, that night dense,

He had then also come to that place,
Eve had surely then,worn autumnal dress,
Mild orange with a lot of red and blackish shades,
She there in front of a hut stood motionless,
A veil hung loose upon her head,
And in that wonderous light her he met,
She spake in soft musical tone,
And he had been there, listening to her, all alone,

Her eyes , he had noted, how shone bright,
Her face had a lingering feel of twilight,
Still there, upon her lips, an enchanting smile,

How he had traveled only for her, a few hundred miles,

O that far away town and its autumnal sight
How from a distance came there slight
A song perhaps, someone singing , quite,

He stopped again to find that song
That tune which made him long
For another tryst, again, at that very place,
Where the evening descended in beautiful autumnal dress,

He stood only to get again that feel of words
And unworded Beauty of a Dame,
For which to that far away town, he came,

It made him nostalgic definite
He thought of that evening by Starry sky lit,
And that part of his heart,in which he harboured true,
His love , a far away town and that distinct autumnal hue.

(*Note: upon a painting loosely based, as attached, done by Eugene Galien Laloue)


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