Just when the rains came

Just when the rains came

Just when the rains came
I was not for her ready,
But she came,
Out of the blue,
She caught me unawares,
Like she had done,
Rain, she came,
With a cool gust of wind
Taking me to the window,

She had been stormy,
Upturning everything,
The flower Vase,
The books,
Papers by the window,
All were getting her attention,

They all got drenched,
Me too,
Felt wet on the skin,

Shut the windows,
Bolted them firm,

Still she banged
On the door,
Whistling almost,
Like a naughty girl,

I looked at her,
Through the bolted window,
Firmly shut,

Only the gust
Of wind
Whispered merrily
Into my ears,

Was it all because of Love?

She came so sudden.


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