In the realm of twilight, after a shower*

In the realm of twilight how the town goes
Into a beauteous setting of a trance,
Where light and shade like a Dream dance,
After a sudden shower, as it for some hours pours,
How the town goes sleepy, calmed, liquidified, flowed,
After a spell of rain, how images there coalesce,
How there in the moist air , I just feel blessed,
And I go there , treading to the lane, most quiet,
There how I go, counting the posts of light,

Into  the lane, how I go walking tip toeing,unhurried,
Finding there a dream like scene getting slowly readied,
How there walking I find  joy of being a vagrant
To go by mind and soul to land so , so distant,

There, in the realm of a twilight beautiful,
How I go in search of poem, carried by the rain,  cool,
And just by there treading noiseless and soft
How by a wonderous feel of calm am I held aloft,

In the realm of twilight how dreams and reality come true,
How in worded forms I find wonderous hues.

(*Note: upon a painting loosely based as attached , done by Evgeny Lushpin, titled "In the realm of twilight".)


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