Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Upon Les Demoiselles d'avignon and other arguments*

Right there at the street of Avinyo
He how found them five in number,
And some people, termed it with only 'no'
And some thought to use it to poke
Others to join the bandwagon 

Of severe castigation and some even joked,

What its origin,
  what that really meant?
Cubism was then at its nascent stage,
And how from there he with paints evolved,
Further more to create, he was perhaps standing at the ledge,
To do more of his experiments,

Matisse , his old friend and critic severe
Called it as a joke turning real bad
Other wise who would've thought
To go to that street and to meet
Those dames, and two of them surely masked,

Were they African? Those two?
Someone perhaps asked,

(Even if they were,
Are not black people of Africa
Same as white of Persia,
Wonder I,)

But the counter arguments continued,
His old friend came up with an argument,
This time with bathers with a turtle on a beach,

There not those dames were put to rest,
Some more came up with more of works,

Matisse knew he was not against
Him, after all they were old mates,

Perhaps he knew too,
What that street of Avinyo meant
And those demoiselles,

They together meant
A revolt,

Apartheid , perhaps they both knew
Too well.

(*Note: upon a painting loosely based as attached, done by Pablo Picasso in 1907, titled Les demoiselles d'avignon.
Matisse , Picasso's friend , as the legend goes, was against the painting and he came up with a answer or counter argument to the painting titled 'Bathers with a turtle'. Interestingly , it was argued that Matisse was imitating a work of Cezanne, leading to a lot of debates, arguments and counter arguments with the painting. The use of two particular figures with masks is what makes the painting definitely different. African women and their presence is something that lends a different touch to this painting. Interestingly that also becomes an issue of this poem/scribbling.)

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