Ode To Venus*

Ode To Venus*

How by thy providence
Venus, You The Sacred,
How i , child Thine as if
Delving deep, find Thou
By Your Beauty, your self
So engrossed, mirroring
Thy own, You, The Queen,
Devoid of false Adornments,
Wearing no crown,
Looking at thy own Self,
As if self sufficient,

How towards thy Origin
By poesy, blessed by Thee,
Me goes to the Sea,

Waves where keep lapping
Falling at thy feet,
Not to be ever measured
By mortals like me,

How Thou hath kept thy bless
For Diego Velázquez,
Who way back in fifteenth late
A century , found Thee,
Arriving out of the foams,
Aphros, surf, foam,
Into his space, made a room,

Wherein he, as if by thy poesy unwrought
You so Heavenly brought,
La Venus del espejo,

Art thou a mere copy,
From that ancient sculpted figure,
The Borghese Hermaphrodite,
As once excavated
From Rome,
How can Thou fill his room,
Art Thou then half a man
And half a woman,
Self sufficient,
Only to be adored
And never to be, found,

O You, the Goddess of my Sheer Poesy,
Now that i kneel to Thee,
Getting swayed by poems
Paints and sculpted designs,
Tell me, You the grace, so Divine,

How that it is,
Me goes finding you,
Love, in all forms
And shapes,
In poems, song, Art ,

Tell me, love,
Art not that Rokeby one,
As painted so entwined
In flattery of the self,

Tell me,
Art not the Self,
A life.

(*Note: loosely based upon a painting as attached known as Rokeby Venus, featuring Cupid and Venus, done with utmost sincerity and devotion by Diego Velázquez, far different from other forms of Venus.
It is found that the Rokeby Venus, is not at all imagined, as proof of sculpted Figure of Venus in shape of Aphrodite, was excavated from Rome, which is known as Borghese Hermaphrodite.)


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