The rain in the city

The rain in the city

When it starts to rain
Through the window glass panes
How is it, that truncated shapes
Before me
Of the city

Each glass has always
Something new to show,

One has the view
Of a building opposite
Getting a bath,

Another has a rain soaked bird,
A sparrow perhaps
By its beak
Making its feathers tidy,

A few yards away,
Through another glass,

A pedestrian tries to manage
Her umbrella, by the gust of wind, upturned,

A few more images
When it showers
Down on the city,

A peddler trying to cover
His wares by tarpaulin,
Not letting to go waste,
His earnings of the day,

A school boy
In his teens,
Lending his rain coat
To his friend,

A woman like a Dream
Leaning against the shutter of a closed shop,
Looking at the drops
Falling down upon her,
On the road, on cars honking away,
On buses coming to go,

A shower sudden in the city
How brings truncated slideshows
Through the windows.


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