Each one has two lives*

Each one has two lives, one who dreams, the other, sleeps* "Each one has two lives,
One who sleeps,
While the other who dreams," Once heard that saying,
It was a morning
Like all other mornings,
Only found her there
At the garden
With trees and flowers
She was whispering
Her love,

Her being , like a dryad,
A Nymph, how got mixed
Interfused with the land,
With earth she made a conversation,

And the mild breeze,i got for taking, "Each one has two lives..."
I perhaps said,
Seeing her,
So merged, "One who lives in Dreams
And one makes dreams"
She perhaps heard me,
Opened her magically intoxicating eyes,
Her lips trembled momentarily,
She spake a few words,
I thought I heard the flowers speaking
To the air,
They were having a sweet conversation,
And the morning was there
Just there, upon her,
And those saplings, trees, flowers, buds, leaves.

(*Note: the painting attached is  used to beautify the magic -real tone of the scribbling/poem. Courtesy : dolce segreto del'anima, an artists' haven, )


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