Sunset by the beach*

Have you noted ever,
How at the beach
The sun every day set
Down turning the sky
And waters , a splash
Of colors as if painted
By a huge brush,
Songs of crickets
How there assemble,
On the benches , vacant
When the salty breeze
Us beckons, to take there
Our seats, only to meet
The sky and waters colored
By awesome dusky Hues,

Have you ever got the cue
Who hath so fared, everyday
To bring colored layers
All over Us, as we so ignorantly
Our times pass,
Have you thought about love
Have you drunk the potion, that ambrosaic liquid, that drips
Drop by drop to quench our pining
Of more splendour,
Have you got ever beyond the loop,
And with sleepy trance, have you
Before That Invincible , ever, drooped,
Quiet when turned the beach,

Have you found me, there, ever,
Translucent , spread across your eyes, bare.

(*Note: upon a photograph loosely based, as attached; courtesy: Musica e Poesia.)


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