A vase of flowers*

Whence You leave a Vase
Of flowers ,
How i go , go back to those days
Of our Joys, unlimited,
To those travels and tours,
Deep into the woods,
And that cottage,
How can i see,
Caught by that
Eyes Thou
Hath bestowed
Upon me, perhaps,

How i go into Thee,
More, O You The Peace
Of Awesome Beauty,
Never ending,

A road forever
To You,
Like a river,
As if bending,

How I see
That garden
Before us,
Getting filled
With flowers,
As if waking
Only to see Thy light,

O You, the Bright,

How You
Fill me
Every moment
Of my little life,
Like drops
Of colors
And poesy,

(*Note: upon a painting loosely based, as attached, done by Elena Bond, courtesy : Alex Artista, )


  1. The Valley of Flowers is accessible only in the summer, between June and October.


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