By the side of the sea, *

By the side of the Sea,
Where the waves come
Carried by the tidal blue
Once sat on a rock, calmed
And kept looking at the Vast
The waters spread across
As far as eyes could see,
The limitless expanse of the Sea,

The breeze from faraway place
Came how to me, as of to caress
My body, heart, mind and soul,
How sat just there, by quietitude
Wrapped , completely at loss, mute,
As if spelt by the sea breeze magical,
And watched how the morning came
Like an angel, out of the sky and the ocean,
Deified, immaculate form, like a poem,

Not knowing what to do to welcome
Such a morn grand, by the ocean, on the white sands,
Just kept my self quiet, looking at Her
Winged shape, feathery get away,
By the sea, how, once, got completely swayed,

The waves, the sky, the beach, the mounds,
The rocks, boulders, sands, marine creatures
Crawling crabs, turtles, sea shells, oysters,
All seemed to be so harmonious,
Part and parcel of our living life thus,
By the sea, scented breeze, how once passed
Moments unforgettable, momentary just.

(*Note: upon a painting loosely based as attached, carrying the idea of natural harmony and the beauty of sea and Sky and rocks; courtesy: Musica Pittura e Dintorni, Alex Artista, Art without Limits series)


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